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Q. mulë n. “meal” (Category: Meal, Flour)

Q. mulë, n. “meal, *grist, ground grains” (Category: Meal, Flour)
Q. polë “meal, grist, [ᴹQ.] flour, [ᴱQ.] oats, grain (unground kernels of oats, wheat, etc.)”

A word in a list of “large & small” roots from around 1968 replacing polë “meal” (PE17/115). It was likely derived from *√MUL, which in the 1910s meant “grind” (QL/63). This words means “meal” in the sense “ground grains” such as “cornmeal”, not “meal” as a time for eating which is [ᴹQ.] mat.

Reference ✧ PE17/115 ✧ mŭle “meal”


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