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Q. mundo n. “bull, ox” (Category: Bull)

Q. mundo, n. “bull, ox” (Category: Bull)
ᴱQ. yac(c)o “ox”
ᴱQ. tarucco “bull, ox”

A word for “bull” in a 1972 letter to Meriel Thurston (Let/422). A similar form mondo appeared as an element in the name Q. Mondósar “Oxford” from a 1968 letter (DTS/70). See S. mund for other possible conceptual precursors.

Possible Etymology: Luinyelle suggested that this word is likely related to and a later iteration of G. “ox” from the Gnomish Lexicon of the 1910s (GL/58), possibly an agental formation from onomatopoeic * plus ✶-ndō. I think this is a good theory, but it is somewhat undermined by the existence of mondo-.

References ✧ DTS/70; Let/422



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