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Q. hlúvo (hlúvu-) adj. “greasy, fat” (Category: Fat, Grease)

Q. hlúvo (hlúvu-), adj. “greasy, fat” (Category: Fat, Grease)

An adjective for “greasy, fat” from Common Eldarin: Noun Structure (EVS2) of the early 1950s, derived from ✶slūbŭ (PE21/82). Tolkien gaves its forms as hlūvo, lūvo, reflecting its classical and modern Quenya pronunciations. This entry uses hlúvo as the form, as that is what would appear in Tengwar spelling, and Tolkien usually retained hl- in his spellings using Latin characters as well.

Reference ✧ PE21/82 ✧ lūvo “greasy, fat”


Phonetic Developments

slūbŭ > hlūvo > lūvo [slūbu] > [slūbo] > [l̥ūbo] > [l̥ūβo] > [lūβo] > [lūvo] ✧ PE21/82