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Q. lóna n. “(deep) pool, mere, river-feeding well” (Category: Lake, Pond)

Q. lóna, n. “(deep) pool, mere, river-feeding well” (Category: Lake, Pond)
ᴺQ. !lóna “soaked, drenched”

A noun lóna glossed “pool, mere” derived from the root √LON and distinct in origin from Sindarin “flood” < √LOG (VT42/10).

Conceptual Development: This word seems to be a remnant of Tolkien’s investigation into the origin of the river-name S. Lhûn (PE17/136-137; VT48/27-28), where Tolkien first considered having a related Quenya word hlōna “a river” (PE17/136), then another related word lōn(e) “deep pool or lake” (PE17/137), but this notion was rejected and Tolkien said:

The stem (S)LOW- does not appear in Quenya, where it is replaced by √LŎNŎ, as in lōn/lōne (pl. lōni) “deep pool or river-feeding well” (PE17/137).

This word and its derivation seems to have reemerged as lóna “pool, mere” in the notes on The Rivers and Beacon-hills of Gondor from the late 1960s, as described above (VT42/10).

References ✧ PE17/136-137; VT42/10; VT48/27-28





lōni plural ✧ PE17/137; VT48/28
lōni plural ✧ PE17/137; VT48/28


Phonetic Developments

Slōnā > ‽hlōna [slōnā] > [l̥ōnā] > [l̥ōna] ✧ PE17/136
LŎNŎ > lōn [lōn] ✧ PE17/137
LOW > lou > [low] > [lou] > [lū] ✧ PE17/137
LOW > lounē̆ > lūn [loune] > [loun] > [lūn] ✧ PE17/137
LON > lóna [lōna] ✧ VT42/10