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Q. ten- v. (basic-verb) “to arrive, come”

⚠️Q. ten-, v. (basic-verb) “to arrive, come”
Q. anya- “to reach, go to, arrive at”

References ✧ VT49/23




tene aorist “comes, arrives, is with us” ✧ VT49/23
tenin aorist 1st-sg   ✧ VT49/23: is indefinite in time
tenin aorist 1st-sg “I arrive at/come to/get to” ✧ VT49/23
tenuva future “will arrive” ✧ VT49/23
tenne past “arrived, reached” ✧ VT49/23
tennen past 1st-sg “I arrive[d]” ✧ VT49/23
etēnie perfect “has just arrived” ✧ VT49/23
tēna- present “is on point of arrival, is just coming to the end” ✧ VT49/23: pres.

Element In


Phonetic Developments

ten- > tēna- [tenna] ✧ VT49/23