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Q. nieninquëa adj. “like a snowdrop” (Category: Snow)

Q. nieninquëa, adj. “like a snowdrop” (Category: Snow)

An adjectival form of nieninquë appearing in the 1950s version of the Nieninquë poem (PE16/96); the same form appeared in the version of the poem written around 1930, and its drafts (MC/215; PE16/90, 92).

Reference ✧ PE16/96


nieninquë “snowdrop” ✧ PE16/96 (#nieninquë)
#-a “adjectival suffix” ✧ PE16/96 (#-a)

Element In

ᴱQ. nieninqea adj. “like a snowdrop” (Category: Snow)

See Q. nieninquëa for discussion.

References ✧ MC/215; PE16/90, 92



nieninqe “snowdrop, (lit.) white tear” ✧ MC/215

Element In