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Q. #lómëa adj. “shadowed, gloomy” (Category: Shade, Shadow)

Q. #lómëa, adj. “shadowed, gloomy, *dusk-like” (Category: Shade, Shadow)
ᴱQ. lómina “shadowy”

An element in various Entish phrases meaning “shadowed” or “gloomy” (LotR/1131; PE17/81). It is an adjectival form of Q. lómë “night, dusk”, so is perhaps more literally “*of or like the dim light of dusk or a star-lit night”, probably without the negative connotations that “gloomy” has in English.

Conceptual Development: A similar form appeared unglossed in Early Qenya Word-lists of the 1920s as (ablative plural) ᴱQ. lómealloi in the phrase ᴱQ. fanwen tollillon lómëalloi, perhaps “*a dream from the gloomy islands” as suggested by Patrick Wynne and Christopher Gilson (PE16/147).

References ✧ LotR/1131; PE17/81



lómë “night, dimness, twilight, dusk, darkness” ✧ PE17/81
#-a “adjectival suffix”

Element In

ᴱQ. #lómea adj. “*gloomy” (Category: Shade, Shadow)

References ✧ PE16/147


lómealloi ablative plural ✧ PE16/147


lóme “dusk, gloom, darkness; shadow, cloud”
#-a “adjectival suffix”

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