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Q. hir- v. (basic-verb) “to find” (Category: to Find)

Q. hir-, v. (basic-verb) “to find” (Category: to Find)
ᴹQ. cim- “to find; [ᴱQ.] to heed”

References ✧ LotR/378; Minor-Doc/1963-12-18; PE17/75-76, 135; PE22/151; RGEO/58-59




hĭre- aorist “find” ✧ PE17/76
hirinyes aorist 1st-sg with-sg-object   ✧ PE22/151
híres aorist with-sg-object; object-suffix-only “to find it” ✧ PE22/151
hir-uva future “find will (it)” ✧ RGEO/59
hiruva future “shalt find (it)” ✧ LotR/378
hiruva future “find” ✧ Minor-Doc/1963-12-18
hiruva future “will find” ✧ PE17/75; PE17/76
hiruva future   ✧ PE17/135
híruvà future “shalt find (it)” ✧ RGEO/58
hiruvanyes future 1st-sg with-sg-object   ✧ PE22/151
hiruvalyes future 2nd-sg with-sg-object   ✧ PE22/151
hiruvatye future 2nd-sg-familiar   ✧ PE17/135: familiar form
hir-uva-lye future 2nd-sg-polite “find will you” ✧ PE17/135: singular polite, vs familiar hiruvatye
hir-uva-lye future 2nd-sg-polite “find wilt-thou” ✧ RGEO/59
hiruvalye future 2nd-sg-polite “you (singular but courteous) will find” ✧ PE17/75
hiruvalyë future 2nd-sg-polite “thou shalt find” ✧ LotR/378
híruválye future 2nd-sg-polite “thou shalt find” ✧ RGEO/58

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Phonetic Developments

KHIR > hiruva [kʰir-] > [xir-] > [hir-] ✧ PE17/75

ᴹQ. hir- v. (basic-verb) “to find” (Category: to Find)

References ✧ VT24/5


hiruva future ✧ VT24/5
hiruvalle future 2nd-pl ✧ VT24/5

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