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Q. cárima adj. “feasible, possible (to do), able to be done” (Category: to Do, Make)

Q. cárima, adj. “feasible, possible (to do), able to be done, [ᴹQ.] able to be made” (Category: to Do, Make)

An adjective that is a combination of car- “do, make” with the suffix -ima “-able”, so literally “able to be done, *doable”, with alternate meanings like “feasible, possible” (PE22/137, 155). As a verbal formation, the á is long in cárima. In one place Tolkien had carima with a short a as an ordinary adjective replacing the passive participle carina “done” (VT43/15), but that seems to have been a transient idea. In another place Tolkien glossed ᴹQ. kárima as “{able to make (likely, apt to) >>} able to be made” (PE22/111). I believe both meanings of cárima are applicable, depending on context: hirië Valinor cárima (ná) “finding Valinor (is) doable” vs. macili cárimë anganen “swords [are] makable with iron”.

References ✧ PE22/137, 155; VT43/15




car- “to do, make”
-ima “-able, possibility” ✧ PE22/137; PE22/155

Element In


Phonetic Developments

kārimā > kárima [kārimā] > [kārima] ✧ PE22/137
KAR > kárima [kārimā] > [kārima] ✧ PE22/155

ᴹQ. kárima adj. “able to be made, feasible” (Category: to Do, Make)

Reference ✧ PE22/111 ✧ kārima “{able to make (likely, apt to) >>} able to be made (feasible)”


kar- “to do, make, build”
-ima “able to be done, -able, -ible” ✧ PE22/111 (-imā)

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