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Q. yulda¹ n. “drink, draught, thing drunk; cup” (Category: to Drink)

Q. yulda¹, n. “drink, draught, thing drunk; ⚠️cup” (Category: to Drink)

A noun for “draught” appearing in the Namárië poem from The Lord of the Rings (LotR/377). In various commentaries on the poem Tolkien clarified that the meaning of the word was “something drunk, a drink, a draught” (PE17/63), “a thing drunk, draught” (PE17/135), or “a draught, the amount drunk” (PE17/68). In one place Tolkien said it could mean “a cup” as in “a cup of miruvore” (PE17/64), though most likely this refers to the contents of the cup rather than the cup itself.

Neo-Quenya: For purposes of Neo-Quenya, I would use this word primarily in the sense of “a drink, a draught” = “the thing or amount drunk”, as opposed to [ᴹQ.] suhto for “a draught” = “a single act of drinking” (Ety/SUK).

References ✧ LotR/377; PE17/51, 63-64, 68, 135; RGEO/58





yuldar plural “draughts” ✧ LotR/377; PE17/63; RGEO/58
yuldar plural   ✧ PE17/63
yúldar plural “draughts” ✧ RGEO/58


yul- “to drink” ✧ PE17/63
-da “product of an action”
-dā “product of an action” ✧ PE17/51; PE17/68 (-da)

Element In



Phonetic Developments

YUL > yulda [julda] ✧ PE17/63