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Q. toina adj. “wood” (Category: Wood, Timber)

Q. toina, adj. “wood, *wooden, made of wood” (Category: Wood, Timber)
ᴱQ. turúva “wooden”

A word glossed “wood” appearing in a list of “large & small” roots from around 1968 derived from primitive ✶tawĭnā (PE17/115) and hence probably an adjective “*wooden, (made) of wood” as suggested by Helge Fauskanger (QQ/toina).

Conceptual Development: In The Etymologies of the 1930s Tolkien instead had ᴹQ. taurina “of wood”, an adjectival form of ᴹQ. tavar “wood (material)” (Ety/TÁWAR). The word ᴹQ. toina appeared in notes on The Feanorian Alphabet from the 1940s, but was unglossed, so whether it meant “*wooden” is unclear.

Reference ✧ PE17/115 ✧ “wood”


-ina “adjective suffix; passive participle”



Phonetic Developments

tawĭnā > toina [tawinā] > [toinā] > [toina] ✧ PE17/115

ᴹQ. toina adj. “[unglossed]”

Reference ✧ PE22/46

ᴹQ. taurina adj. “of wood” (Category: Wood, Timber)

See Q. toina for discussion.

Reference ✧ Ety/TÁWAR ✧ “of wood”


tavar “wood (material)”
-ina “adjective suffix; passive participle”
ᴹ✶tawar “wood (material)” ✧ Ety/TÁWAR