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Q. carmë n. “production, making; structure; art” (Category: to Do, Make)

Q. carmë, n. “production, making; structure; ⚠️art” (Category: to Do, Make)

This word is a noun form based on the root √KAR “do, make”. It appears with various meanings as an element other words: Oiencarmë “Perpetual Production” (MR/329), Essecarmë “Name-making” (MR/214; PE21/83), and Sundocarmë “Base-structure” (PE18/33, 84). In one place Tolkien used carmë to describe the “Art” by which Elves could make fantasy visions visible to others (UT/396), and thus seeming to refer to a type of magic usable by the Elves.

Neo-Quenya: For purposes of Neo-Quenya, I think the “production, making; structure” meanings make the most sense. For “art” I would use: mairë.

References ✧ MR/470; PE18/84; UT/396




car- “to do, make”
#-më “abstract noun”

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