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Q. arimaitë adj. “skilful” (Category: Craft, Trade)

Q. arimaitë, adj. “[most] skillful, *gifted” (Category: Craft, Trade)

A word glossed “skilful” in Quenya Notes from 1957 (QN), a combination of maitë “-handed” with the superlative prefix ar(i)- (PE17/162). Elsewhere maitë by itself was glossed “skilful” (VT47/6), so perhaps this word was more intensive, meaning “*most skillful”.

Neo-Quenya: In the “Neologism of the Day” (NotD) series on the Vinyë Lambengolmor Discord Server as posted on 2023-05-30, Raccoon suggested that arimaitë might also mean “*gifted”.

Reference ✧ PE17/162 ✧ arimaite “skilful”


ar(i)- “superlative prefix; good”
maitë “handy, skillful; having a hand, handed; shapely” ✧ PE17/162 (~maite)