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Q. melehtë n. “might, power (inherent)” (Category: Strong, Mighty, Powerful)

The noun Q. melehte “might, power (inherent)” appeared on a rejected page of notes having to do with “large & small” words (probably from the late 1960s), where it was derived from the root √MELEK (PE17/115). The adjective form Q. melehta “mighty” appeared in another (unrejected) page of these same notes, where it was derived instead from √MBELEK. I think it is likely the rejection has more to do with changes in the root than the words, so I’d retain ᴺQ. melehtë “might, power” for purposes of Neo-Quenya.

Reference ✧ PE17/115 ✧ melehte “might, power (inherent)”


Phonetic Developments

MELEK > melehte [melekte] > [melexte] ✧ PE17/115