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Q. †fá¹ n. “*ray of light, flame” (Category: Light)

⚠️Q. †fá¹, n. “*ray of light, flame” (Category: Light)
ᴹQ. alca “ray of light, ⚠️[ᴱQ.] light of day; shining”

An (archaic) Parmaquesta (PQ) noun in the Outline of Phonology (OP2) from the 1950s derived from primitive ✶phāy as an example of how ancient final y vanished after long vowels in monosyllables (PE19/104). A few pages earlier, primitive ✶phāy was glossed “flame, ray of light” (PE17/102), so perhaps this was the intended meaning of also. But Tolkien said it was given up in favor of the longer form fëa (PE19/104), which elsewhere was usually translated as “spirit”.

Neo-Quenya: Given that this word is archaic and is of uncertain meaning, I would avoid its use for purposes of Neo-Quenya, using words like ᴹQ. alka for “ray of light” and Q. fëa for “spirit”.

Reference ✧ PE19/104 ✧


Phonetic Developments

phāy > [pʰāj] > [pʰā] > [ɸā] > [fā] ✧ PE19/104