Q. i hyarma tentanë Melcorello “the left hand pointed away from Melkor”

Q. i hyarma tentanë Melcorello, “the left hand pointed away from Melkor”

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i hyarma   i hyarma
{tente >>} tentane
ollo {Moringotto >>} Morikotto ollo Melkor {Morikottollo >>} Melkorello Melcorello

References ✧ VT49/6-8




tenta- “to point (to/out), indicate; to direct toward, be directed toward; to go forth towards (with object)” past ✧ VT49/23 (tente); VT49/23 (tentane)
Morikotto “*Dark Enemy” ✧ VT49/24 (Moringotto); VT49/24; VT49/24 (Morikottollo)
“(away) from; by agent [of]” ✧ VT49/24 (ollo)
Melkor “He who arises in Might; (lit.) Mighty Arising” ✧ VT49/24 (Melcor); VT49/24 (Melkorello); VT49/24 (Melcorello)
“the” ✧ VT49/22
hyarma “left hand” ✧ VT49/22

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