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ᴱQ. anda-ráma adj. “long-arm(ed); long-wing(ed)” (Category: Wing)

⚠️ᴱQ. anda-ráma, adj. “long-arm(ed); long-wing(ed)” (Category: Wing)

A word for “long-arm(ed)” in the manuscript version of Early Qenya Grammar of the 1920s (PE14/45), changed to “long-wing” in the typescript version (PE14/75). The word appeared with the glosses “long-wing” (PE15/74) or “longwinged” (PE15/79) in the contemporaneous English-Qenya Dictionary. It was a combination of ᴱQ. anda “long” and ᴱQ. ráma which was usually glossed “wing”, but in one place in the 1920s was glossed “arm, wing” (PE16/137).

References ✧ PE14/45, 75-76, 112; PE15/74, 79





ande(a) “long (of space)” ✧ PE14/45 (anda); PE15/74 (anda); PE15/74 (anda)
ráma “wing; arm” ✧ PE14/45; PE14/76; PE15/79