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root. “after (later than) of time”

root. “after (later than) of time”

A root appearing in notes from the late 1960s glossed “after (later than) of time”, appearing in variants √ and √KATA (PE22/147), the latter perhaps being KA + TA. Although the root itself did not appear until very late in Tolkien’s writing, there are hints of it much earlier, with ᴹQ. kata “after” and ᴹQ. kato “afterwards” appearing the Quenya Verbal System of the 1940s (PE22/124). Probably also related is S. cad which also likely meant “after”, appearing in drafts of the Lord of the Rings appendices, notably in Cadlaer “July, *After-summer” vs. Eblaer “June, *Before-summer” (PM/136). There is also a set of preposition from the middle of the 1950s Q. ca-, cata, cana: “behind, at back of place” which may be related; Tolkien often used the same roots for both spacial and temporal relations.

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