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TAN² root. “indicate, show”

TAN² root. “indicate, show”
ᴹ√NDAR “sign”

In Quenya Notes (QN) from 1957, Tolkien gave √TAN “indicate, show” as the basis for Q. tanna “sign, token” (PE17/186) and in notes from the late 1950s Tolkien gave the verbal root √tana “show, indicate” (MR/385). Possible earlier hints of this root can be seem in the first and second versions of Tengwesta Qenderinwa where Tolkien gave √TAN as an extension of demonstrative √TA (PE18/33, 60, 84, 95), but those references were unglossed and may simply have been illustrations of principles of root formation. The use of √TAN = “indicate” would have conflicted with √TAN “make, fashion, construct” (Ety/TAN; PE17/96, 106), but in 1968 or 69 Tolkien changed {√TAN >>} √TAM “construct” (PE17/107); see that entry for details.

References ✧ MR/385; PE17/145, 186; PE18/84, 95





TA ✧ PE18/84; PE18/95


ᴹ√TAN² root. “*show”

See √TAN² for discussion.

References ✧ PE18/33, 60


TA ✧ PE18/33; PE18/60