S. Iorhael m. “Frodo”

S. Iorhael, m. “Frodo”

A Sindarin translation of the name of Sam’s son Frodo appearing in Tolkien’s unpublished epilogue to The Lord of the Rings and in the King’s Letter (SD/126, 129), distinct from Frodo Baggin’s Sindarin name: Daur. The name of Sam’s son appears to be a combination of the prefixal form ior- of iaur “old” and the lenited form of sael “wise”, also seen in the Sindarin translation of the name Samwise (Halfwise): Perhael.

Conceptual Development: In earlier versions of the epilogue the name appeared as N. Iorhail (SD/117), which seems to contain an earlier word N. sail “wise” based on Noldorin phonology: see N. [ai] revised to [ae].

References ✧ AotM/62; SD/126, 129; SDI1/Iorhael



iaur “old”
#sael “wise” soft-mutation

Element In

N. Iorhail m. “Frodo”

See S. Iorhael for discussion.

References ✧ SD/117; SDI1/Iorhael




iaur “ancient, old(en)”
#sail “wise” soft-mutation