S. Elladan m. “Elf-man”

S. Elladan, m. “Elf-man”

Son of Elrond (LotR/227). This name is translated “Elf-man”, a combination of archaic Sindarin †Ell “elf” and Adan “man” (Let/281-2).

Conceptual Development: In Lord of the Rings drafts from the 1940s, this character was first named N. Elboron (WR/297). Earlier still, the name Ilk. Elboron used as a name for a son of Dior (LR/147).

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Ell “Elf” ✧ Let/281
Adan “Man (as a species)” ✧ Let/282

N. Elboron m.

See S. Elladan for discussion.

References ✧ PMI/Elboron, Elladan; WR/297, 307; WRI