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ᴺS. [ᴱN.] ^alfeg n. “cygnet, young swan” (Category: Swan)

ᴺS. [ᴱN.] ^alfeg, n. “cygnet, young swan” (Category: Swan)
See ᴱN. elflin for discussion.


S. alph “swan”
S. -eg¹ “diminutive/singular ending”

ᴱN. elflin n. “cygnet, *young swan” (Category: Swan)

A noun appearing as ᴱN. elflin “cygnet” [young swan] in the Early Noldorin Dictionary of the 1920s, a diminutive of ᴱN. alf “swan” (PE13/159); see G. inc “little” (GG/16).

Neo-Sindarin: For purposes of Neo-Sindarin, I’d revise this word using the later diminutive formation ᴺS. alfeg “cygnet, young swan”.

Reference ✧ PE13/159 ✧ “cygnet”


alf “swan” ✧ PE13/159
G. inc “little”