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ᴱQ. kili- v. “to see, heed” (Category: to See)

⚠️ᴱQ. cili-, v. “to see, heed” (Category: to See)
Q. cen- “to see, behold, look, *perceive”

References ✧ MC/213-214, 220-221; PE16/56-57, 60, 62, 72, 74-75, 77





kilde aorist 3rd-sg-fem   ✧ MC/221; PE16/72; PE16/74
kilde aorist 3rd-sg-fem “gazed” ✧ PE16/62
Kildo aorist 3rd-sg-masc “one saw” ✧ MC/220
kildo aorist 3rd-sg-masc   ✧ PE16/56; PE16/57; PE16/60; PE16/60; PE16/72; PE16/74
kildo aorist 3rd-sg-masc “he saw” ✧ PE16/62
kiluva future “shall see” ✧ MC/213; MC/214; MC/214
kiluva future “shall heed” ✧ MC/213
kilivande future 3rd-sg-fem   ✧ PE16/77
kiluvando future 3rd-sg-masc   ✧ PE16/77
killer past impersonal   ✧ PE16/56
kílier past impersonal   ✧ PE16/56

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