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ᴱQ. tulu- v. “to bring, carry, fetch; to move (intr.), come; to produce, bear fruit” (Category: to Bring)

References ✧ LT1/114; LT1A/tulielto; PE14/23, 28-30, 32, 34, 52-53, 56-57, 59, 85; PE16/124-126, 128, 133; QL/95





tulin ?   ✧ PE14/23
tulindo ?   ✧ PE14/23
tulir ?   ✧ PE14/23
tulisse ?   ✧ PE14/23
tulya ?   ✧ PE14/23
tule active-participle   ✧ PE16/128
tuli̯ active-participle   ✧ PE16/128
tūle active-participle   ✧ PE16/128
tulunta allative   ✧ PE16/128
tulur allative   ✧ PE16/128
tule aorist   ✧ PE14/56; PE16/124; PE16/125
tulta aorist   ✧ PE14/28
tulya aorist   ✧ PE14/28; PE14/34
[tulu]mur aorist 1st-dual-exclusive   ✧ PE16/124
tulumo aorist 1st-dual-exclusive   ✧ PE16/124; PE16/125
tulumur aorist 1st-dual-exclusive   ✧ PE16/125
[tulu]vur aorist 1st-dual-inclusive   ✧ PE16/124
tuluvo aorist 1st-dual-inclusive   ✧ PE16/124; PE16/125
tuluvur aorist 1st-dual-inclusive   ✧ PE16/125
tulime aorist 1st-pl-exclusive   ✧ PE16/125
tulimen aorist 1st-pl-exclusive   ✧ PE16/125
tulumen aorist 1st-pl-exclusive   ✧ PE16/124
tulive aorist 1st-pl-inclusive   ✧ PE16/125
tuliven aorist 1st-pl-inclusive   ✧ PE16/125
tuluven aorist 1st-pl-inclusive   ✧ PE16/124
tulin aorist 1st-sg   ✧ PE16/124; PE16/125
[tulu]lur aorist 2nd-dual   ✧ PE16/124
tululo aorist 2nd-dual   ✧ PE16/124; PE16/125
tululur aorist 2nd-dual   ✧ PE16/125
tulile aorist 2nd-pl   ✧ PE16/125
tulilen aorist 2nd-pl   ✧ PE16/125
tululen aorist 2nd-pl   ✧ PE16/124
tulil aorist 2nd-sg   ✧ PE16/125
tulit aorist 2nd-sg   ✧ PE16/124
tuldir aorist 3rd-dual-fem   ✧ PE16/125
tulsi(r) aorist 3rd-dual-fem   ✧ PE16/124
tulsir aorist 3rd-dual-fem   ✧ PE16/125
tuluris aorist 3rd-dual-fem   ✧ PE16/125
tulutsi(r) aorist 3rd-dual-fem   ✧ PE16/124
tuldur aorist 3rd-dual-masc   ✧ PE16/125
tultu(r) aorist 3rd-dual-masc   ✧ PE16/124
tultur aorist 3rd-dual-masc   ✧ PE16/125
tulurus aorist 3rd-dual-masc   ✧ PE16/125
tulutu(r) aorist 3rd-dual-masc   ✧ PE16/124
tultar aorist 3rd-dual-neut   ✧ PE16/124; PE16/125
tulur aorist 3rd-dual-neut   ✧ PE16/125
tulutar aorist 3rd-dual-neut   ✧ PE16/125
tulútar aorist 3rd-dual-neut   ✧ PE16/124
[tul]sin aorist 3rd-pl-fem   ✧ PE16/124
tulden aorist 3rd-pl-fem   ✧ PE16/124; PE16/125
tuliren aorist 3rd-pl-fem   ✧ PE16/124
tuliren aorist 3rd-pl-fem   ✧ PE16/125
tulten aorist 3rd-pl-fem   ✧ PE16/125
tuldon aorist 3rd-pl-masc   ✧ PE16/125
tuliron aorist 3rd-pl-masc   ✧ PE16/125
tuliton aorist 3rd-pl-masc   ✧ PE16/124
tulton aorist 3rd-pl-masc   ✧ PE16/124; PE16/125
tulitan aorist 3rd-pl-neut   ✧ PE16/125
tultan aorist 3rd-pl-neut   ✧ PE16/124; PE16/125
tulle aorist 3rd-sg   ✧ PE16/124
tulde aorist 3rd-sg-fem   ✧ PE16/125
tulir aorist 3rd-sg-fem   ✧ PE16/125
tulle aorist 3rd-sg-fem   ✧ PE16/124
tuldo aorist 3rd-sg-masc   ✧ PE16/125
tulto aorist 3rd-sg-masc   ✧ PE16/124
tulur aorist 3rd-sg-masc   ✧ PE16/125
tule aorist 3rd-sg-neut   ✧ PE16/125
tulit aorist 3rd-sg-neut   ✧ PE16/125
tulta aorist 3rd-sg-neut   ✧ PE16/124; PE16/125
tulna aorist active-participle   ✧ PE14/29
tulwa aorist active-participle   ✧ PE14/28
tulya aorist active-participle   ✧ PE14/28
tultan aorist dual   ✧ PE14/28
tulu(r) aorist dual   ✧ PE16/125
tulur aorist dual   ✧ PE16/124
tulyat aorist dual   ✧ PE14/28; PE14/34
[tulsi]n aorist dual fem   ✧ PE14/34
tullet aorist dual fem   ✧ PE14/28
tullin aorist dual fem   ✧ PE14/28
tullit aorist dual fem   ✧ PE14/34
tulsin aorist dual fem   ✧ PE14/28
tulsit aorist dual fem   ✧ PE14/28; PE14/34
tulmut aorist dual masc   ✧ PE14/28; PE14/34
tultan aorist dual neut   ✧ PE14/28; PE14/34
tulle aorist fem   ✧ PE14/28; PE14/34
tulse aorist fem   ✧ PE14/28; PE14/34
tula aorist gerund   ✧ PE14/28
tula aorist infinitive   ✧ PE14/28
tula(i) aorist infinitive   ✧ PE14/28
tulinqe aorist infinitive   ✧ PE14/28
tultai aorist infinitive   ✧ PE14/28
tulmo aorist masc   ✧ PE14/28; PE14/34
tulta aorist neut   ✧ PE14/28; PE14/34
tulil aorist plural   ✧ PE16/124
tulint aorist plural   ✧ PE16/125
tultu aorist plural   ✧ PE14/28
tulu aorist plural   ✧ PE14/28
tulyar aorist plural   ✧ PE14/28; PE14/34
tullir aorist plural fem   ✧ PE14/28; PE14/34
tulmoi aorist plural masc   ✧ PE14/28; PE14/34
tultai aorist plural neut   ✧ PE14/28; PE14/34
tultar aorist plural neut   ✧ PE14/28
[tulu]va conditional   ✧ PE16/124
tuluva conditional   ✧ PE16/126
tuluvan conditional 1st-sg   ✧ PE16/124; PE16/126
tuluval conditional 2nd-sg   ✧ PE16/126
tuluvat conditional 2nd-sg   ✧ PE16/124
[tulu]var conditional 3rd-sg-fem   ✧ PE16/124
tuluvár(e) conditional 3rd-sg-fem   ✧ PE16/126
tuluvant conditional 3rd-sg-masc   ✧ PE16/124
tuluvár(o) conditional 3rd-sg-masc   ✧ PE16/126
[tulu]va conditional 3rd-sg-neut   ✧ PE16/124
tuluvat conditional 3rd-sg-neut   ✧ PE16/126
[tulu](vāta) future   ✧ PE16/124
tuluva future   ✧ PE14/57; PE14/59; PE16/126
tuluva future “come (fut.)” ✧ PE14/59
tulva future   ✧ PE14/28
tuluvanye future 1st-sg   ✧ PE16/124; PE16/126
[tulu]vaste future 2nd-sg   ✧ PE16/126
tuluvalye future 2nd-sg   ✧ PE16/126
tuluvaste future 2nd-sg   ✧ PE16/124
[tulu]vasse future 3rd-sg-fem   ✧ PE16/124
tuluvande future 3rd-sg-fem   ✧ PE16/126
tuluvando future 3rd-sg-masc   ✧ PE16/124; PE16/126
[tulu]vāta future 3rd-sg-neut   ✧ PE16/124
tuluváta future 3rd-sg-neut   ✧ PE16/126
tuluvan(d-) future active-participle   ✧ PE14/57
tulvanwa future active-participle   ✧ PE14/28
tuluvar future dual   ✧ PE16/126
tulva(n)t future dual   ✧ PE14/28
tulvat future dual   ✧ PE14/28
tulvasset future dual fem   ✧ PE14/28
tulvandon future dual masc   ✧ PE14/28
tulvant(a) future dual neut   ✧ PE14/28
tulvasta future dual neut   ✧ PE14/28
tulvat future dual neut   ✧ PE14/28
tūlient(a) future dual neut   ✧ PE14/28
tūliet future dual neut   ✧ PE14/28
tulvar future fem   ✧ PE14/28
tulvasse future fem   ✧ PE14/28
[tul]vanto future gerund   ✧ PE14/28
tulienta future gerund   ✧ PE14/28
tuluvasta future gerund   ✧ PE14/57
tulvanta future gerund   ✧ PE14/28
tuluvar future impersonal   ✧ PE14/57
tuluvant future infinitive   ✧ PE16/128
tulvant future infinitive   ✧ PE14/28
tulvasta future infinitive   ✧ PE14/28
tulvan(do) future masc   ✧ PE14/28
tulva future neut   ✧ PE14/28
tulvaldo future passive   ✧ PE14/30
tulvalwe future passive   ✧ PE14/30
tulvaldon future passive dual   ✧ PE14/30
tulvalwet future passive dual   ✧ PE14/30
tulvallet future passive dual fem   ✧ PE14/30
tulvalmut future passive dual masc   ✧ PE14/30
tulvaltan future passive dual neut   ✧ PE14/30
tulvaltat future passive dual neut   ✧ PE14/30
tulvalle future passive fem   ✧ PE14/30
tulvalse future passive fem   ✧ PE14/30
tulvaldo future passive gerund   ✧ PE14/30
tulvalma future passive gerund   ✧ PE14/30
tulval(de) future passive infinitive   ✧ PE14/30
tulvalmo future passive masc   ✧ PE14/30
tulvalta future passive neut   ✧ PE14/30
tulvaldu future passive plural   ✧ PE14/30
tulvalwi(r) future passive plural   ✧ PE14/30
tulvallir future passive plural fem   ✧ PE14/30
tulvalmur future passive plural masc   ✧ PE14/30
tulvaltai future passive plural neut   ✧ PE14/30
tulvaltar future passive plural neut   ✧ PE14/30
tulvalya(nt) future passive-participle   ✧ PE14/30
tuluval future plural   ✧ PE14/57
tuluval future plural “will come” ✧ PE14/59
tuluvant future plural   ✧ PE16/126
tulvar future plural   ✧ PE14/28
tulvau future plural   ✧ PE14/28
tulvassir future plural fem   ✧ PE14/28
tulvandoi future plural masc   ✧ PE14/28
tulvanta future plural neut   ✧ PE14/28
tulvar future plural neut   ✧ PE14/28
[tul]vas future reflexive   ✧ PE14/29
tuluvakto future reflexive   ✧ PE14/57
tulvak(to) future reflexive   ✧ PE14/29
tulvas(ta) future reflexive   ✧ PE14/29
tulvas(to) future reflexive   ✧ PE14/29
tuliston future reflexive dual   ✧ PE14/29
tulvastan future reflexive dual   ✧ PE14/29
tulvaksin future reflexive dual fem   ✧ PE14/29
tulvakson future reflexive dual masc   ✧ PE14/29
tulvaktan future reflexive dual neut   ✧ PE14/29
tulvakse future reflexive fem   ✧ PE14/29
[tulva]ksa(nt) future reflexive gerund   ✧ PE14/29
tulvatsa future reflexive gerund   ✧ PE14/29
tulvas(te) future reflexive infinitive   ✧ PE14/29
tulvakso future reflexive masc   ✧ PE14/29
tulvakta future reflexive neut   ✧ PE14/29
tulvastoi future reflexive plural   ✧ PE14/29
tulvastu future reflexive plural   ✧ PE14/29
tulvaksi future reflexive plural fem   ✧ PE14/29
tulvaksoi future reflexive plural masc   ✧ PE14/29
tulvaktai future reflexive plural neut   ✧ PE14/29
tulvaska future reflexive-participle   ✧ PE14/29
tuluvanwa future-future “will be going to come” ✧ PE14/57
tulinwa future-imperfect “will be coming” ✧ PE14/57
tuluvande future-imperfect “is going to come” ✧ PE14/57
tulienwa future-perfect “will have come” ✧ PE14/57
tuluvo genitive   ✧ PE16/128
tulinta gerund “coming” ✧ PE16/128
tul imperative “come!” ✧ PE14/59
tulámo imperative 1st-dual-exclusive   ✧ PE16/125
tulávo imperative 1st-dual-inclusive   ✧ PE16/125
tuláme imperative 1st-pl-exclusive   ✧ PE16/125
tuláve imperative 1st-pl-inclusive   ✧ PE16/125
tul imperative 1st-sg   ✧ PE16/125
tulan imperative 1st-sg   ✧ PE16/125
tulálo imperative 2nd-dual   ✧ PE16/125
tulále imperative 2nd-pl   ✧ PE16/125
tula imperative 2nd-sg   ✧ PE16/125
tulásir imperative 3rd-dual-fem   ✧ PE16/125
tulátus imperative 3rd-dual-masc   ✧ PE16/125
tulátar imperative 3rd-dual-neut   ✧ PE16/125
tuláten imperative 3rd-pl-fem   ✧ PE16/125
tuláton imperative 3rd-pl-masc   ✧ PE16/125
tulátan imperative 3rd-pl-neut   ✧ PE16/125
tuláte imperative 3rd-sg-fem   ✧ PE16/125
tuláto imperative 3rd-sg-masc   ✧ PE16/125
tuláta imperative 3rd-sg-neut   ✧ PE16/125
tulu infinitive   ✧ PE16/128
tulusse locative   ✧ PE16/128
tŭlĭna passive-participle   ✧ PE16/128
túlie past   ✧ PE14/57; PE14/59; PE16/126; PE16/133
túlie past “have come” ✧ PE14/59
tūle past   ✧ PE14/28
tūlie past   ✧ PE16/124
tuliēmur past 1st-dual-exclusive   ✧ PE16/124
túliémur past 1st-dual-exclusive   ✧ PE16/126
[tuli]ēvo past 1st-dual-inclusive   ✧ PE16/124
[tuli]ēvur past 1st-dual-inclusive   ✧ PE16/124
túliévur past 1st-dual-inclusive   ✧ PE16/126
tuliēmen past 1st-pl-exclusive   ✧ PE16/124
túliémen past 1st-pl-exclusive   ✧ PE16/126
[tuli]ēven past 1st-pl-inclusive   ✧ PE16/124
[túli]éven past 1st-pl-inclusive   ✧ PE16/126
túlien past 1st-sg   ✧ PE16/126
tūlien past 1st-sg   ✧ PE16/124
[tuli]ēlo past 2nd-dual   ✧ PE16/124
[tuli]ēlur past 2nd-dual   ✧ PE16/124
túliélur past 2nd-dual   ✧ PE16/126
[tuli]ēlen past 2nd-pl   ✧ PE16/124
[túli]élen past 2nd-pl   ✧ PE16/126
túliel past 2nd-sg   ✧ PE16/126
tūliet past 2nd-sg   ✧ PE16/124
[tuli]ēris past 3rd-dual-fem   ✧ PE16/124
túliéris past 3rd-dual-fem   ✧ PE16/126
[tuli]ētur past 3rd-dual-masc   ✧ PE16/124
túliérus past 3rd-dual-masc   ✧ PE16/126
tuliētar past 3rd-dual-neut   ✧ PE16/124
túliétar past 3rd-dual-neut   ✧ PE16/126
[tuli]ēden past 3rd-pl-fem   ✧ PE16/124
[túli]éren past 3rd-pl-fem   ✧ PE16/126
[tuli]ēton past 3rd-pl-masc   ✧ PE16/124
[túli]éron past 3rd-pl-masc   ✧ PE16/126
[tuli]ētan past 3rd-pl-neut   ✧ PE16/124
[túli]étan past 3rd-pl-neut   ✧ PE16/126
túliér(e) past 3rd-sg-fem   ✧ PE16/126
tūlier past 3rd-sg-fem   ✧ PE16/124
túliér(o) past 3rd-sg-masc   ✧ PE16/126
tūlient past 3rd-sg-masc   ✧ PE16/124
túliet past 3rd-sg-neut   ✧ PE16/126
tūlie past 3rd-sg-neut   ✧ PE16/124
tuliemba past active-participle   ✧ PE14/28
tulien past active-participle “having come” ✧ PE14/57
tulienwa past active-participle   ✧ PE14/28
tulilya past active-participle   ✧ PE16/128
tulíla past active-participle   ✧ PE16/128
túlien(d-) past active-participle   ✧ PE14/57
túliéla/túlielya past active-participle   ✧ PE14/28
tulier past dual   ✧ PE16/124
túlier past dual   ✧ PE16/126
tūlie(n)t past dual   ✧ PE14/28
tūliet past dual   ✧ PE14/28
tūliesset past dual fem   ✧ PE14/28
tūliendon past dual masc   ✧ PE14/28
tūliesta past dual neut   ✧ PE14/28
tūlier past fem   ✧ PE14/28
tūliesse past fem   ✧ PE14/28
túliento past gerund   ✧ PE14/28
túliesta past gerund   ✧ PE14/57
túlier past impersonal   ✧ PE14/57
túlienqe past infinitive   ✧ PE14/28
túlient past infinitive   ✧ PE14/28; PE16/128
túliesta past infinitive   ✧ PE14/28
tūlien(do) past masc   ✧ PE14/28
tūlie past neut   ✧ PE14/28
tūliiēta past neut   ✧ PE14/28
túlieldo past passive   ✧ PE14/30
túlielqe past passive   ✧ PE14/30
túlielwe past passive   ✧ PE14/30
túlieldon past passive dual   ✧ PE14/30
túlielqet past passive dual   ✧ PE14/30
túlielwet past passive dual   ✧ PE14/30
túliellet past passive dual fem   ✧ PE14/30
túlielmut past passive dual masc   ✧ PE14/30
túlieltan past passive dual neut   ✧ PE14/30
túlieltat past passive dual neut   ✧ PE14/30
túlielle past passive fem   ✧ PE14/30
túlielse past passive fem   ✧ PE14/30
túlieldo past passive gerund   ✧ PE14/30
túliel(de) past passive infinitive   ✧ PE14/30
túlielmo past passive masc   ✧ PE14/30
túlielta past passive neut   ✧ PE14/30
túlieldu past passive plural   ✧ PE14/30
túlielqi(r) past passive plural   ✧ PE14/30
túlielwi past passive plural   ✧ PE14/30
túliellir past passive plural fem   ✧ PE14/30
túlielmur past passive plural masc   ✧ PE14/30
túlieltai past passive plural neut   ✧ PE14/30
túlieltar past passive plural neut   ✧ PE14/30
tulielya(nt) past passive-participle   ✧ PE14/30
tulinwa past passive-participle   ✧ PE16/128
tuliēla past passive-participle   ✧ PE14/30
tulīna past passive-participle   ✧ PE16/128
[tuli]el past plural   ✧ PE16/124
túliel past plural   ✧ PE14/57; PE14/59
túlient past plural   ✧ PE16/126
tūlier past plural   ✧ PE14/28
tūlieu past plural   ✧ PE14/28
túliessir past plural fem   ✧ PE14/28
túliendio past plural masc   ✧ PE14/28
túlienta past plural neut   ✧ PE14/28
túlier past plural neut   ✧ PE14/28
[tul]ies past reflexive   ✧ PE14/29
túliekto past reflexive   ✧ PE14/29
túliekto past reflexive   ✧ PE14/57
túliesta past reflexive   ✧ PE14/29
túliesto past reflexive   ✧ PE14/29
tuliston past reflexive dual   ✧ PE14/29
túliestan past reflexive dual   ✧ PE14/29
túlieksin past reflexive dual fem   ✧ PE14/29
túliekson past reflexive dual masc   ✧ PE14/29
túliektan past reflexive dual neut   ✧ PE14/29
túliekse past reflexive fem   ✧ PE14/29
(túlieksa(nt)) past reflexive gerund   ✧ PE14/29
túlietsa past reflexive gerund   ✧ PE14/29
tulies past reflexive infinitive “arrived” ✧ PE14/32
túlies(te) past reflexive infinitive   ✧ PE14/29
túliekso past reflexive masc   ✧ PE14/29
túliekta past reflexive neut   ✧ PE14/29
túliestoi past reflexive plural   ✧ PE14/29
túliestu past reflexive plural   ✧ PE14/29
túlieksi past reflexive plural fem   ✧ PE14/29
túlieksoi past reflexive plural masc   ✧ PE14/29
túliektai past reflexive plural neut   ✧ PE14/29
túlieska past reflexive-participle   ✧ PE14/29
tuluvandie past-future “was going to come” ✧ PE14/57
tulindie past-imperfect “was coming” ✧ PE14/57
tuliendie past-perfect “had come” ✧ PE14/57
túlia past-subjunctive   ✧ PE16/126
túliámur past-subjunctive 1st-dual-exclusive   ✧ PE16/126
túlian past-subjunctive 1st-sg   ✧ PE16/126
tūlian past-subjunctive 1st-sg   ✧ PE16/124
túlial past-subjunctive 2nd-sg   ✧ PE16/126
tūliat past-subjunctive 2nd-sg   ✧ PE16/124
túliár(e) past-subjunctive 3rd-sg-fem   ✧ PE16/126
tūliar past-subjunctive 3rd-sg-fem   ✧ PE16/124
túliár(o) past-subjunctive 3rd-sg-masc   ✧ PE16/126
tūliant past-subjunctive 3rd-sg-masc   ✧ PE16/124
túliat past-subjunctive 3rd-sg-neut   ✧ PE16/126
tūlia past-subjunctive 3rd-sg-neut   ✧ PE16/124
túliar past-subjunctive dual   ✧ PE16/126
túliant past-subjunctive plural   ✧ PE16/126
túlie perfect   ✧ PE16/126
tūlie perfect   ✧ PE16/124
tuliembo perfect 1st-dual-exclusive   ✧ PE16/124
túliembo perfect 1st-dual-exclusive   ✧ PE16/126
[tuli]engo perfect 1st-dual-inclusive   ✧ PE16/124
túliengo perfect 1st-dual-inclusive   ✧ PE16/126
tulielme perfect 1st-pl-exclusive   ✧ PE16/124
túlielme perfect 1st-pl-exclusive   ✧ PE16/126
túliengwe perfect 1st-pl-inclusive   ✧ PE16/126
túlienye perfect 1st-sg   ✧ PE16/126
tūlienye perfect 1st-sg   ✧ PE16/124
[tuli]ello perfect 2nd-dual   ✧ PE16/124
túliello perfect 2nd-dual   ✧ PE16/126
túlielle perfect 2nd-pl   ✧ PE16/126
[túl]ieste perfect 2nd-sg   ✧ PE16/126
túlielye perfect 2nd-sg   ✧ PE16/126
tūlieste perfect 2nd-sg   ✧ PE16/124
[túliess]ir perfect 3rd-dual-fem   ✧ PE16/126
túliesse perfect 3rd-dual-fem   ✧ PE16/126
[túliess]ur perfect 3rd-dual-masc   ✧ PE16/126
túliesso perfect 3rd-dual-masc   ✧ PE16/126
túliettar perfect 3rd-dual-neut   ✧ PE16/126
tulielto perfect 3rd-pl “they have come” ✧ LT1/114
túliende(n) perfect 3rd-pl-fem   ✧ PE16/126
túliendo(n) perfect 3rd-pl-masc   ✧ PE16/126
túlienta(n) perfect 3rd-pl-neut   ✧ PE16/126
tulia perfect 3rd-sg   ✧ PE16/124
[túli]ére perfect 3rd-sg-fem   ✧ PE16/126
túliende perfect 3rd-sg-fem   ✧ PE16/126
tūliesse perfect 3rd-sg-fem   ✧ PE16/124
[túli]éro perfect 3rd-sg-masc   ✧ PE16/126
túliendo perfect 3rd-sg-masc   ✧ PE16/126
tūliendo perfect 3rd-sg-masc   ✧ PE16/124
tuliēta perfect 3rd-sg-neut   ✧ PE16/124
túliéta perfect 3rd-sg-neut   ✧ PE16/126
tulier perfect plural “have come” ✧ LT1/114
tulil plural “come” ✧ PE14/56
tule present   ✧ PE14/28; PE14/57; PE16/124
tule present “comes” ✧ PE14/52; PE14/85
tule present “come” ✧ PE14/53; PE14/59; PE14/59
tulie present   ✧ PE16/125
[tulimb]ur present 1st-dual-exclusive   ✧ PE16/124
tulimbo present 1st-dual-exclusive   ✧ PE16/124; PE16/125
[tuling]ur present 1st-dual-inclusive   ✧ PE16/124
tulingo present 1st-dual-inclusive   ✧ PE16/124; PE16/125
tulingwe present 1st-dual-inclusive   ✧ PE16/124
tulilme present 1st-pl-exclusive   ✧ PE16/124; PE16/125
tulilme(n) present 1st-pl-exclusive   ✧ PE16/124
tulingwe present 1st-pl-inclusive   ✧ PE16/124; PE16/125
tulingwe(n) present 1st-pl-inclusive   ✧ PE16/124
tulinye present 1st-sg   ✧ PE16/124; PE16/125
[tul]illo present 2nd-dual   ✧ PE16/124
[tulill]ur present 2nd-dual   ✧ PE16/124
tulillo present 2nd-dual   ✧ PE16/125
tulille present 2nd-pl   ✧ PE16/124; PE16/125
tul present 2nd-sg   ✧ PE16/125
tulilye present 2nd-sg   ✧ PE16/125
tuliste present 2nd-sg   ✧ PE16/124
[tul]insi(r) present 3rd-dual-fem   ✧ PE16/124
[tuliss]ir present 3rd-dual-fem   ✧ PE16/125
tulisse present 3rd-dual-fem   ✧ PE16/125
[tul]intu(r) present 3rd-dual-masc   ✧ PE16/124
[tuliss]ur present 3rd-dual-masc   ✧ PE16/125
tulisso present 3rd-dual-masc   ✧ PE16/125
[tul]inta(r) present 3rd-dual-neut   ✧ PE16/124
tulitta(r) present 3rd-dual-neut   ✧ PE16/125
tulilde present 3rd-pl-fem   ✧ PE16/124
tulilde(n) present 3rd-pl-fem   ✧ PE16/125
tulildo present 3rd-pl-masc   ✧ PE16/124
tulildo(n) present 3rd-pl-masc   ✧ PE16/125
tulilta present 3rd-pl-neut   ✧ PE16/124
tulilta(n) present 3rd-pl-neut   ✧ PE16/125
tulia present 3rd-sg   ✧ PE16/124
tulie present 3rd-sg   ✧ PE16/124
[tul]īre present 3rd-sg-fem   ✧ PE16/125
tulinde present 3rd-sg-fem   ✧ PE16/125
tulisse present 3rd-sg-fem   ✧ PE16/124
[tul]īro present 3rd-sg-masc   ✧ PE16/125
tulindo present 3rd-sg-masc   ✧ PE16/124; PE16/125
tulat present 3rd-sg-neut   ✧ PE16/125
tulīta present 3rd-sg-neut   ✧ PE16/124; PE16/125
tulimba present active-participle   ✧ PE14/28
tulin present active-participle   ✧ PE14/57
tulinwa present active-participle   ✧ PE14/28
tulvála/tulvalya present active-participle   ✧ PE14/28
tulīlya/tulíla present active-participle   ✧ PE14/28
tuli(n)t present dual   ✧ PE14/28
tulir present dual   ✧ PE16/124
tulit present dual   ✧ PE14/28
tulisset present dual fem   ✧ PE14/28
tulindon present dual masc   ✧ PE14/28
tulint(a) present dual neut   ✧ PE14/28
tulista present dual neut   ✧ PE14/28
tulyat present dual neut   ✧ PE14/28
tulir present fem   ✧ PE14/28
tulisse present fem   ✧ PE14/28
tulinto present gerund   ✧ PE14/28
tulinto present gerund   ✧ PE14/28
tulista present gerund   ✧ PE14/57
tulir present impersonal “one goes, somebody goes” ✧ PE14/56
tulir present impersonal   ✧ PE14/57
tulinqe present infinitive   ✧ PE14/28
tulint present infinitive   ✧ PE14/28; PE16/128
tulista present infinitive   ✧ PE14/28
tulin(do) present masc   ✧ PE14/28
tule present neut   ✧ PE14/28
tulitā present neut   ✧ PE14/28
tulya present neut   ✧ PE14/28
tulildo present passive   ✧ PE14/30
tulilqe present passive   ✧ PE14/30
tulilwe present passive   ✧ PE14/30
tulildon present passive dual   ✧ PE14/30
tulilqet present passive dual   ✧ PE14/30
tulilwet present passive dual   ✧ PE14/30
tulillet present passive dual fem   ✧ PE14/30
tulilmut present passive dual masc   ✧ PE14/30
tuliltan present passive dual neut   ✧ PE14/30
tulille present passive fem   ✧ PE14/30
tulilse present passive fem   ✧ PE14/30
tulildo present passive gerund   ✧ PE14/30
tulil(de) present passive infinitive   ✧ PE14/30
tulīma/tulilma present passive infinitive   ✧ PE14/30
tulilmo present passive masc   ✧ PE14/30
tulilta present passive neut   ✧ PE14/30
tulildu present passive plural   ✧ PE14/30
tulilqi(r) present passive plural   ✧ PE14/30
tulilwi(r) present passive plural   ✧ PE14/30
tulillir present passive plural fem   ✧ PE14/30
tulilmur present passive plural masc   ✧ PE14/30
tuliltai present passive plural neut   ✧ PE14/30
tuliltar present passive plural neut   ✧ PE14/30
tūlila present passive-participle   ✧ PE14/30
tūlilya(nt) present passive-participle   ✧ PE14/30
tulil present plural   ✧ PE14/57; PE14/59; PE16/124
tulil present plural “come” ✧ PE14/59
tulir present plural   ✧ PE14/28
tulya present plural   ✧ PE14/28
tulissir present plural fem   ✧ PE14/28
tulindoi present plural masc   ✧ PE14/28
tulinta present plural neut   ✧ PE14/28
tulyar present plural neut   ✧ PE14/28
[tul]is present reflexive   ✧ PE14/29
tulikto present reflexive   ✧ PE14/29
tulikto(r) present reflexive   ✧ PE14/57
tulista present reflexive   ✧ PE14/29
tulisto present reflexive   ✧ PE14/29
tulistan present reflexive dual   ✧ PE14/29
tuliston present reflexive dual   ✧ PE14/29
tuliksin present reflexive dual fem   ✧ PE14/29
tulikson present reflexive dual masc   ✧ PE14/29
tuliktan present reflexive dual neut   ✧ PE14/29
tulikse present reflexive fem   ✧ PE14/29
[tul]iksa(nt) present reflexive gerund   ✧ PE14/29
tulitsa present reflexive gerund   ✧ PE14/29
tulis(te) present reflexive infinitive   ✧ PE14/29
tulinko present reflexive masc   ✧ PE14/29
túliesto present reflexive masc   ✧ PE14/29
tulikta present reflexive neut   ✧ PE14/29
tulilto(r) present reflexive plural   ✧ PE14/57
tulistoi present reflexive plural   ✧ PE14/29
tulistu present reflexive plural   ✧ PE14/29
tuliksi present reflexive plural fem   ✧ PE14/29
tuliksoi present reflexive plural masc   ✧ PE14/29
tuliktai present reflexive plural neut   ✧ PE14/29
tuliksima present reflexive-participle   ✧ PE14/29
tuliska present reflexive-participle   ✧ PE14/29
tulistima present reflexive-participle   ✧ PE14/29
tulinde present-imperfect “is coming” ✧ PE14/57
tulinde present-imperfect   ✧ PE14/59
tulindel present-imperfect plural   ✧ PE14/57
tuliende present-perfect “has come” ✧ PE14/57
tulya present-subjective   ✧ PE16/125
tulyámur present-subjective 1st-dual-exclusive   ✧ PE16/125
tulyávur present-subjective 1st-dual-inclusive   ✧ PE16/125
tulyámen present-subjective 1st-pl-exclusive   ✧ PE16/125
tulyáren present-subjective 1st-pl-inclusive   ✧ PE16/125
tulian present-subjective 1st-sg   ✧ PE16/125
tŭlyan present-subjective 1st-sg   ✧ PE16/125
tulyálur present-subjective 2nd-dual   ✧ PE16/125
tulyálen present-subjective 2nd-pl   ✧ PE16/125
tulyal present-subjective 2nd-sg   ✧ PE16/125
tulyáris present-subjective 3rd-dual-fem   ✧ PE16/125
tulyárus present-subjective 3rd-dual-masc   ✧ PE16/125
tulyátar present-subjective 3rd-dual-neut   ✧ PE16/125
tulyáren present-subjective 3rd-pl-fem   ✧ PE16/125
tulyáron present-subjective 3rd-pl-masc   ✧ PE16/125
tulyátan present-subjective 3rd-pl-neut   ✧ PE16/125
tulyáre present-subjective 3rd-sg-fem   ✧ PE16/125
tulyáro present-subjective 3rd-sg-masc   ✧ PE16/125
tulyat present-subjective 3rd-sg-neut   ✧ PE16/125
tulyar present-subjective dual   ✧ PE16/125
tulyant present-subjective plural   ✧ PE16/125
tulámur subjective 1st-dual-exclusive   ✧ PE16/125
tulávur subjective 1st-dual-inclusive   ✧ PE16/125
tulámen subjective 1st-pl-exclusive   ✧ PE16/125
tuláven subjective 1st-pl-inclusive   ✧ PE16/125
tulan subjective 1st-sg   ✧ PE16/125
tulálur subjective 2nd-dual   ✧ PE16/125
tulálen subjective 2nd-pl   ✧ PE16/125
tulal subjective 2nd-sg   ✧ PE16/125
tuláris subjective 3rd-dual-fem   ✧ PE16/125
tulárus subjective 3rd-dual-masc   ✧ PE16/125
tulátar subjective 3rd-dual-neut   ✧ PE16/125
tuláren subjective 3rd-pl-fem   ✧ PE16/125
tuláron subjective 3rd-pl-masc   ✧ PE16/125
tulátan subjective 3rd-pl-neut   ✧ PE16/125
tulár(e) subjective 3rd-sg-fem   ✧ PE16/125
tulár(o) subjective 3rd-sg-masc   ✧ PE16/125
tulat subjective 3rd-sg-neut   ✧ PE16/125
tular subjective dual   ✧ PE16/125
tulant subjective plural   ✧ PE16/125
tulya subjunctive   ✧ PE16/124
tulyan subjunctive 1st-sg   ✧ PE16/124
tulyat subjunctive 2nd-sg   ✧ PE16/124
tulyar subjunctive 3rd-sg-fem   ✧ PE16/124
tulyant subjunctive 3rd-sg-masc   ✧ PE16/124
tulya subjunctive 3rd-sg-neut   ✧ PE16/124

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