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ᴱQ. tyalie n. “play, game” (Category: to Play)

References ✧ GL/29; LT1A/Mar Vanwa Tyaliéva; PE14/47, 79; PE15/76; PE16/112-115; QL/49




tyalielillon ablative plural   ✧ PE16/115
tyalie accusative   ✧ PE16/112
tyaliéli accusative plural   ✧ PE16/112
Tyaliéva adjectival   ✧ LT1A/Mar Vanwa Tyaliéva
tyaliaite adjectival   ✧ PE16/113
tyaliéva adjectival “in play, playful” ✧ PE14/47
tyaliéva adjectival “to do with play, playful, in play” ✧ PE14/79
tyaliéva adjectival   ✧ PE16/113
tyaliēva adjectival “playful” ✧ PE15/76
tyalielinta(n) allative plural   ✧ PE16/115
tyaliaiko comitative   ✧ PE16/113
tyalielinko comitative plural   ✧ PE16/115
tyalier dative   ✧ PE16/112
tyaliur dative dual   ✧ PE16/114
tyaliélir dative plural   ✧ PE16/112; PE16/115
tyaliet dual   ✧ PE16/114
tyalien genitive   ✧ PE14/47
tyalio genitive   ✧ PE16/113
tyaliu genitive   ✧ PE16/112
tyaliu genitive dual   ✧ PE16/114
tyaliélion genitive plural   ✧ PE16/112; PE16/115
[tyali]en instrumental; short-instrumental   ✧ PE16/113
tyaliain instrumental; short-instrumental   ✧ PE16/113
tyaliainen instrumental   ✧ PE16/112; PE16/113
[tyali]ainent instrumental dual   ✧ PE16/114
tyaliaimet instrumental dual   ✧ PE16/114
tyalielínen instrumental plural   ✧ PE16/112; PE16/115
tyalielissen locative plural   ✧ PE16/115
tyalien nominative   ✧ PE16/112
tyalien nominative “play” ✧ PE16/113
tyalient nominative dual   ✧ PE16/114
tyaliélin nominative plural   ✧ PE16/112; PE16/115
tyaliaika partitive   ✧ PE16/112
tyaliéli plural   ✧ PE16/112; PE16/115
tyalielindon similative plural   ✧ PE16/115


ᴱ√TYALA ✧ LT1A/Mar Vanwa Tyaliéva; QL/49
-ie ✧ QL/49 (#-ie)

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