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ᴹ√KAB² root. “to be able, capable”

⚠️ᴹ√KAB² root. “to be able, capable”
POL “can, have physical power and ability; large, big (strong); [ᴹ√] physically strong, [ᴱ√] have stength; [√] ⚠️pound up, break up small, reduce to powder”
KAB “hold, contain, retain, possess, have in hand; [ᴹ√] hollow”

A root appearing as both √KAV and √KAB in verbal notes from the 1940s with glosses like “be able” and “capable” (PE22/105, 127). In this sense it was probably replaced by √POL in Tolkien’s later writing (PE17/181). It relationship to √KAB “hold, contain, retain” is unclear.

References ✧ PE22/105, 127