Q. Pereldar coll. “Half-elven”

Q. Pereldar, coll. “Half-elven”

The Quenya term for those with mixed Mannish and Elvish blood such as Elrond and Elros (Let/386, PM/348), though in The Lord of the Rings itself, only its Sindarin equivalent Peredhil was used (LotR/1034). Pereldar is a compound of the prefix per- “half-” and the plural of Elda “Elf”.

Conceptual Development: The term ᴹQ. Pereldar appeared in The Etymologies, but there it was translated “Half-eldar” and referred to those Elves such as the Danians who turned back on the journey to Valinor (Ety/PER, LR/215). Pereldar was first applied to the Half-elves in the draft of The Lord of the Rings (RS/412). In later writings, the term for the Elves who did not go to Aman was Q. Úmanyar.

References ✧ Let/386; LT2I; MRI/Peredhil; PM/348; PMI/Peredhil



#per- “half” ✧ Let/386 (#Per-)
Elda “Elf, (lit.) one of the Star-folk” plural


ᴹQ. Pereldar coll. “Half-eldar”

See Q. Pereldar for discussion.

References ✧ Ety/PER; LR/215; LRI; PE18/24; RS/412; RSI





#per- “half, semi”
Elda “Elf” plural
ᴹ√PER “divide in middle, halve” ✧ Ety/PER