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ᴺQ. [Q.] hlöa n. “flood, fenland” (Category: Mud, Mire)

ᴺQ. [Q.] hlöa, n. “flood, fenland” (Category: Mud, Mire)
See Q. hlöa for discussion.


Q. hlöa n. “flood, fenland” (Category: Mud, Mire)

A Quenya cognate of S. lhô appearing in The Rivers and Beacon-hills of Gondor from the late 1960s, rejected when Tolkien revised the primitive form {✶sloga >>} ✶loga and the Sindarin form {lhô >>} (VT42/9-10). I personally prefer the earlier form S. lhô which Tolkien used prior to 1968, and as such I think ᴺQ. hlöa “flood, fenland” is salvagable for purposes of Neo-Eldarin, as a derivative of an s-prefixed variant of √LOG. See the entry on S. l(h)ô for further discussion.

Reference ✧ VT42/9 ✧ hloä



Phonetic Developments

sloga > hloä [sloga] > [l̥oga] > [l̥oɣa] > [l̥oa] ✧ VT42/9