S. Arwen f. “Noble Maiden”

S. Arwen, f. “Noble Maiden”

Beloved of Aragorn and first queen of reunited Gondor and Arnor (LotR/973). Her name was translated “Noble Maiden” in one of Tolkien’s letters (RC/205). The initial element of her name is the prefix ar(a)- “noble” and its final element is the suffixal form -wen of gwend “maiden”, common in female names. Its Quenya and Sindarin forms are identical (PE17/56).

Conceptual Development: Arwen’s name did not emerge until late in the Lord of the Rings drafts from the 1940s. She was first named N. Ellonel, but this was revised to Finduilas >> Amareth >> Emrahil before Tolkien finally settled on Arwen (SD/66).

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ar(a)- “noble, royal, high”
gwend “maiden” soft-mutation

Element In

N. Ellonel f.

See S. Arwen for discussion.

References ✧ SD/66; SDI1/Amareth, Ellonel, Emrahil