S. Imrath Gondraich loc. “Stonewain Valley”

S. Imrath Gondraich, loc. “Stonewain Valley”

A Sindarin name for the Stonewain Valley, written as Imrath Gondraich by Christoper Tolkien in the index of the Unfinished Tales (UTI/Stonewain Valley), and as Imrath Gondraith by Hammond and Scull based on Tolkien’s “Unfinished Index” of The Lord of the Rings (RC/558). The first word is imrath “valley with a road” (RC/558), and the initial element of the second word is clearly gond “stone”, so the final element raich/raith may be a plural of “wain”. This is perhaps from a variant (*rach/rath) of the other attested Sindarin word for “wagon” rasg, which appeared as a plural in the other name for the Stonewain Valley: Nan Gondresgion (PE17/28).

References ✧ RC/558; UTI/Stonewain Valley





imrath “long narrow valley with road or watercourse running through it lengthwise, *(lit.) valley course” ✧ RC/558; UTI/Stonewain Valley
gond “stone, rock”
rasg “wain, *wagon, cart” plural ✧ UTI/Stonewain Valley (#raich)