S. Imloth Melui loc. “Lovely or Sweet Flower-valley”

S. Imloth Melui, loc. “Lovely or Sweet Flower-valley”

A rose-filled valley in Gondor (LotR/866) translated “Lovely Flowery Vale” (RC/582) or “Sweet Flower-valley” (VT42/18), a combination of †im³ “valley” and loth “flower” (VT42/18) with otherwise unattested melui “lovely”.

Conceptual Development: In Lord of the Rings drafts from the 1940s, this name was already N. Imloth Melui.

References ✧ LotRI/Imloth Melui; RC/582; VT42/18



im³ “valley” ✧ VT42/18
loth “flower, single blossom; inflorescence, head of small flowers” ✧ VT42/18
melui “lovely, sweet” ✧ RC/582; VT42/18

N. Imloth Melui loc.

See S. Imloth Melui for discussion.

Reference ✧ WRI/Imloth Melui