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ᴱQ. ailin² n. “shore” (Category: Shore, Beach)

⚠️ᴱQ. ailin², n. “shore” (Category: Shore, Beach)
Q. hresta “beach, shore”

A word for “shore” in the ᴱQ. Oilima Markirya poem and its draft of the late 1920s (MC/213, 221), in one place given an archaic form aile and a translation “beach” (PE16/75). In the version of the Markirya poem from the 1960s, this word became Q. hresta (MC/221-222), whereas Q. ailin itself usually meant “lake” in later writings.

References ✧ MC/213, 221; PE16/62, 66, 72, 74-75, 77





ailinello ablative “[from the] shore” ✧ MC/213
ailim’ elided   ✧ PE16/66
ailinisse locative plural “upon the ... shore” ✧ MC/221; PE16/62
ailinisse locative plural   ✧ PE16/62; PE16/74
ailinissen locative plural   ✧ PE16/77; PE16/77
ailisse locative plural   ✧ PE16/62
ailissen locative plural “upon the ... beaches” ✧ MC/221
ailissen locative plural   ✧ PE16/74
äilinisse locative plural   ✧ PE16/72
äilisse locative plural   ✧ PE16/72


?ᴱ√AYA(LA) “lake”

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