S. Lasgalen loc. “Green of Leaf”

S. Lasgalen, loc. “Green of Leaf”

Another name for Q. Laurelin translated “Green of Leaf” (MR/155), a combination of lass “leaf” and the lenited form of calen “green”.

Conceptual Development: In Silmarillion drafts from the 1930s, this name appeared as N. Lhasgalen (LR/210), and Lhasgalen also appeared in The Etymologies with the translation “Greenleaf” and essentially the same derivation given above (Ety/LAS¹).

References ✧ MR/155; MRI; PE17/119



lass “leaf”
calen “green; fresh, vigorous; †bright” soft-mutation

N. Lhasgalen loc. “Green of Leaf”

See S. Lasgalen for discussion.

References ✧ Ety/LAS¹; LR/210; LRI



lhass “leaf” ✧ Ety/LAS¹
calen “green, (orig.) bright-coloured” soft-mutation