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ᴱQ. rámavoite adj. “winged, having wings” (Category: Wing)

⚠️ᴱQ. rámavoitë, adj. “winged, having wings” (Category: Wing)
ᴺQ. rámaitë “winged, having wings”

A word appearing as ᴱQ. rámavoite “winged” or “having wings” in the Qenya Lexicon and Poetic and Mythological Words of Eldarissa of the 1910s, an adjectival form of ᴱQ. ráma “wing” (QL/57, 78; PME/57). In the English-Qenya Dictionary it had two forms: rámaite and rámavoite (PE15/79).

Neo-Quenya: Since -itë remains an adjective suffix in later Quenya, I would retain this word as ᴺQ. rámaitë “winged, having wings”.

References ✧ LT2A/Alqarámë; PE15/79; PME/57; QL/57, 78; VT40/8




[rám]aisi plural ✧ PE15/79
[rámav]oisi plural ✧ PE15/79


ráma “wing; arm” ✧ LT2A/Alqarámë; PE15/79; QL/78 (rāma)
#-voite “adjective suffix” ✧ QL/78 (#-voite)

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