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ᴱQ. kampo (*kampu-) n. “flea” (Category: Fly (n))

The word ᴱQ. kampo “flea” appeared in the Early Qenya Phonology document of the 1920s, derived from primitive ᴱ✶kampu- based on the early root ᴱ√KAPA “leap”, as opposed to ᴱN. caifr, ᴱT. camparon derived from the variant primitive form ᴱ✶kamp’ru (PE14/66). A similar form ᴹQ. kamparu appeared (unglossed) in the Declension of Nouns of the early 1930s, which might be derived from the variant primitive *kamp’ru or something like it.

Neo-Quenya: For purposes of Neo-Quenya I’d stick with ᴺQ. campo “flea” because it has a clear gloss.

Reference ✧ PE14/66 ✧ “flea”



Phonetic Developments

ᴱ✶kampu- > kampo [kampu] > [kampo] ✧ PE14/66