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ᴱQ. soron² n. “pinnacle, high peak, crag” (Category: Peak, Summit)

⚠️ᴱQ. soron², n. “pinnacle, high peak, crag” (Category: Peak, Summit)
Q. soron “eagle”

A word in the Qenya Lexicon of the 1910s glossed “a high peak, a pinnacle or crag” given as a derivative of ᴱ√ŠORO² [ÞORO] “eagle” (QL/86). It was glossed “pinnacle” in the Poetic and Mythological Words of Eldarissa (PME/86). In later writings, Q. soron was a word for “eagle” itself as opposed to a place where eagles roosted.

References ✧ PME/86; QL/86




Phonetic Developments

ᴱ√ŠORO² > soron [θoron] > [soron] ✧ QL/86