S. Nargothrond loc. “*Underground Fortress of Narog”

S. Nargothrond, loc. “*Underground Fortress of Narog”

The hidden fortress city of the Noldor called the “Caverns of Narog” (S/114) and described as “the great underground burg and halls upon the river Narog” (WJ/414). This name is a combination of the river name Narog and othrond “underground stronghold” (WJ/414).

Conceptual Development: This name first appeared in Lays of Beleriand from the 1920s as ᴱN. Nargothrond (LB/36) and it remained the same thereafter. The name N. Nargothrond appeared in The Etymologies from the 1930s with the translation “fortress of Narog” and the derivation given above (Ety/NÁRAK, OS, ROD). In Notes on Names (NN) from 1957, Tolkien considered deriving the name from its Khuzdul equivalent N. Nar(u)kuthûn (PE17/47), but elsewhere he stated that the Dwarvish name for the caverns was Nulukkhizdîn (S/230, WJ/180).

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Narog ✧ Let/282; PE17/47; S/114; SA/os(t); WJ/414
othrond “underground stronghold” ✧ WJ/414
rondō “vaulted roof or chamber; cave; †heavens” ✧ Let/282
ost “fort, fortress, stronghold, citadel; fortified town; enclosure” ✧ SA/os(t)
rond “(vaulted or arched) roof; vaulted chamber or cavern; heavens [as a roof of the world]” ✧ SA/os(t); SA/rond



N. Nargothrond loc. “fortress of Narog”

See S. Nargothrond for discussion.

References ✧ Ety/NÁRAK, OS, ROD; EtyAC/ROD; LR/254; LRI; PE22/41; SMI; TII; WRI





Narog ✧ Ety/NÁRAK; LR/254
othrond “underground city, fortress” ✧ Ety/OS; Ety/ROD
ᴹ√OS “round, about” ✧ Ety/NÁRAK

ᴱN. Nargothrond loc.

See S. Nargothrond for discussion.

References ✧ LB/36; LBI