S. Emyn Arnen loc. “Hills of Arnen”

S. Emyn Arnen, loc. “Hills of Arnen”

Some hills in South Ithilien (LotR/750). This name is translated “Hills of Arnen”, a combination of the plural of amon “hill” and the regional name Arnen (VT42/17).

Conceptual Development: In Lord of the Rings drafts from the 1940s, this name first appeared as N. Haramon (WR/359), later revised to N. Emyn Arnen (WR/363 note #3).

References ✧ LotRI/Emyn Arnen; PMI/Emyn Arnen; SA/nen; VT42/17



amon “hill, mountain with steep sides; lump, clump, mass” plural ✧ VT42/17 (Emyn)
Arnen “Beside the Water” ✧ VT42/17
nen “water; lake, pool; (lesser) river” ✧ SA/nen

N. Emyn Arnen loc.

See S. Emyn Arnen for discussion.

References ✧ WR/363, 372, 438; WRI/Emyn Arnen, Haramon


amon “hill” plural
arnen “?royal” ✧ WR/363

N. Haramon loc.

An earlier name for Emyn Arnen (WR/363), apparently a combination of the prefixal form har- of harn¹ “south” and amon “hill”, as suggested by Roman Rausch (EE/3.38).

See S. Emyn Arnen for further discussion.

References ✧ WR/363, 372, 438; WRI



harn¹ “southern”
amon “hill”