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ᴹQ. ehtelu- v. (u-verb) “to well, bubble up” (Category: Spring, Well)

ᴹQ. ehtelu-, v. (u-verb) “to well, bubble up” (Category: Spring, Well)
ᴱQ. quelu- “to well up”

A verb in the Quenya Verbal System of the 1940s, a combination of primitive ᴹ✶et “out” and ᴹ✶kelu- “flow, well up” (PE22/103), whose phonological developments mirror ehtelë.

Conceptual Development: It seems to be a later iteration of (archaic) ᴱQ. †kektelu- “bubble up” from the Qenya Lexicon of the 1910s, a verb form of ᴱQ. †kektele “fountain” (QL/46).

References ✧ PE22/103, 117




ehtelunelye long-perfect ✧ PE22/103
ehtelle past; strong-past ✧ PE22/103; PE22/117
etekélie perfect ✧ PE22/103


Phonetic Developments

ᴹ✶et-kelu > ehtelu- [etkelu-] > [ektelu-] > [extelu-] ✧ PE22/103

ᴱQ. †kektelu- v. “to bubble up” (Category: Spring, Well)

See ᴹQ. ehtelu- for discussion.

Reference ✧ QL/46 ✧ “bubble up”


ᴱ√KEKE¹ “to bubble up” ✧ QL/46
ᴱ√KELE “flow, run; ooze, trickle” ✧ QL/46