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ᴱQ. n. “duck” (Category: Duck)

An (onomatopoeic?) noun appearing as ᴱQ. “a duck” in Qenya Lexicon of the 1910s derived from the early root ᴱ√QAHA (QL/76). It was also mentioned in the Poetic and Mythological Words of Eldarissa (PME/76). Later iterations of this onomatopoeia may be seen in primitive ✶kawāk “crow” (WJ/395) and ✶kāwāk “frog” (VT47/36), producing Q. quáco and Q. quácë respectively.

Neo-Quenya: I’d adapt this word as ᴺQ. quá “duck” for purposes of Neo-Quenya.

References ✧ PME/76; QL/76




Phonetic Developments

‽ᴱ√QAHA > [kʷax] > [kʷaɣ] > [kʷā] ✧ QL/76